Led by Professor Lauren Ball, The Centre for Community Health and Wellbeing has an outstanding track record for excellence in supervision. We welcome anyone interested in progressing their skills and joining our team.

Undergraduate Summer and Winter scholarships

UQ offers Winter and Summer Research Scholarships through many Schools and Institutes. For many of these:

  • The duration is 4 weeks, 
  • The scholarships payment for students is $2000. 
  • Research activities must be completed at a UQ-controlled entity, such as the Centre for Community Health and Wellbeing.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the research that takes place at UQ and have a taste-tester of research activities before undertaking an Honours or PhD program. These experiences add value to students’ CV and allow more informed decision making about careers after graduation.

For more information on the Summer and Winter scholarships, please see the Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences website.


An Honours degree offers the opportunity to start to develop your research and professional skills during or after completing the coursework requirements of a Bachelor’s degree. Your Honours degree can be a direct pathway to a postgraduate research degree such as a PhD. Emerging researchers will undergo a supervised, but independent research project to develop a thesis that fulfills the requirements of completing the Honours.

For more information about our honour program, please contact us.

PhD and Masters

Higher Degree by Research (HDR) programs at UQ include the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and a Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy and is considered the highest postgraduate achievement you can earn. To complete a doctorate you must produce significant and original research. You’ll develop critical knowledge and understanding of a particular research area.
We invite enthusiastic, driven individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in research to undertake a PhD or Masters degree in our Centre.

To commence a PhD or Masters degree in our Centre, you should:

  • Have a degree in health such as nutrition, exercise science, psychology, nursing, medicine, public health, biostatistics. Or, a degree outside of health such as computing, engineering, economics, law.
  • Have an interest in research and a desire to develop your research skills
  • Have some previous research experience with a foundation understanding of research methods
  • Be willing to work independently as well as contribute to a dynamic team with an inclusive and supportive culture

If you are interested in joining our Centre as a HDR candidate, we recommend: