Research and Partnerships

We conduct our research through innovative community engagement and in partnership with other organisations. We work with health services, charities, non-government organisations, government departments and private enterprise to develop solutions to complex problems.

Our research streams

Putting people first

Person-centered care is a fundamental component of quality health care, but our research shows it does not always happen for all people. In this stream, we improve the understanding of how services can provide care that incorporates peoples’ needs and preferences to support healthy living. Using co-design, we use the consumer voice to guide the creation and implementation of innovative, cost-effective programs and initiatives.

Example projects:

  1. Using community science to develop a digital twin of the Springfield health and wellbeing environment 
  2. Partnering with  community to help find solutions to their health and wellbeing priorities
  3. Helping people living with chronic conditions to navigate health and wellbeing services 

Helping Those Who Help

Health professionals want and need support to practice at the top of their scope, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle for themselves. With over 12% of working Australians in the health industry, this stream unravels the complexity of health promotion by supporting health professionals to achieve their own health goals and apply their success into clinical practice in evidence-based ways.

Example projects:

  1. Examining the health behaviours of health care workers
  2. Advancing nutrition in aged care through support for health care workers
  3. Reducing hostility and aggression experienced by medical receptionists and general practice teams.

Shaping Systems

Most health systems are designed to treat health problems rather than prevent them from occurring. In this stream, we discover new, cost-effective ways to incentivise care that supports healthy lifestyles, particularly using digital infrastructure, leveraging opportunities for innovation that disrupt fee-for-service delivery models.

Example projects:

  1. Using systems thinking to map how communities access health services  
  2. Using social prescribing to connect people to community support for healthy lifestyles
  3. Advancing the accessibility of health services for multicultural and priority populations.

For more information, or to get involved with any of our projects, please contact us.

Our Fellowship Accelerator Program

Our Fellowship Accelerator Program helps exceptional early and mid-career researchers undertake community health and wellbeing research.

Read more about our fellowship program.


We have a strong reputation for respectfully and carefully listening to staff, customers and stakeholders, exploring contextual nuances and co-developing solutions and strategies. By utilising rigorous and validated research methods, we can provide insights for businesses and leaders that aligns ongoing activities with strategic goals and core organisational values.

Example projects

  • Program evaluation for education, healthcare, community and social service organisations. 
  • Design and delivery of education and training for health professionals, staff and stakeholders.
  • Measurement and evaluation of health care practices. 
  • Commissioned research that provides empirical evidence to inform strategic decision making.

Our partner organisations

  • Mater Misericordiae
  • CheckUp
  • OzHarvest 
  • Telethon Kids Institute

For more information about our partnerships, please contact us.