The Centre for Community Health and Wellbeing welcomes anyone interested in volunteering with us.

We respect your valuable time and can offer a diverse set of opportunities for you to work on. These opportunities and projects can be tailored to your skills and interests. 

We accept volunteers of all interests, backgrounds and purpose, for example:

  • Placement students seeking academic experience
  • Community members who share our passion of connecting researchers and community
  • Professional and academic staff interested in diversifying their skills

Some example projects volunteers have previously worked on include:

  • Community Engagement in Springfield, Queensland.
  • Mapping food and wellbeing services in our community.
  • Scanning health services and their accessibility.


“I had an excellent experience volunteering with the Centre and I am so very appreciative of the experience I gained and everything that I learnt from everyone.”
- Phoebe Taylor, Master of Dietetics Student.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Springfield centre and was given so many opportunities to learn and expand my knowledge in the area of research. As a student we do not get a lot of experience in research and this program was extremely helpful in providing insight into a different area of dietetics.”
- Alannah Woodrow, Master of Dietetics Student.

“This experience has been rewarding to me. I am especially pleased to know that my contributions have benefited the Springfield community.”
- Jiani Yang, Master of Dietetics Student.

For more information, or to get involved, please contact us.